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Taco Recognitions

A Yaga Is Saved

Indra, the King of Gods, once captured the horse sent out by King Sagara prior to holding the As wamedhayaga. The horse was expected to traverse from one kingdom to another without let or hindrance, and the rulers who allowed the horse to pass through their kingdoms would be considered as accepting the suzereinty of Sagara.

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Harischandra Comes Out Of All Tests

Harischandra was now in a fix. He said, “How can I give you anything more when I am left with nothing?”

“That’s your business. But I’m not going to waive my claim to dakshina,” said the Brahmin quite curtly.

“What do you expect as dakshina?” asked the king.

The Brahmin demanded an amount of gold that was considerable.

“All right,” said the king, “give me time and I’ll earn the amount and give it to you.”

The king returned to the palace, sad and pale. “What’s the matter with you?” asked Queen Shaivya. The king told her everything and added, “Tomorrow we must leave the palace, as it is no longer ours!

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